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Eric Jay Robinson, an asthete, composer, and creative maestro, whose vision encompasses the nuances of sound, sight, design, and purpose. The Soul of his creative journey is Mosound, a venture that epitomizes a meticulous blend of artistic expression and design.

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Eric Robinson


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“Mosound”, the name was sparked by a lighthearted conversation between Eric Jay Robinson and his friend Gary Bardouille. As they shared laughter during a drive after a London performance Gary's name playfully transformed into "Bary Gordouille". This whimsical exchange inspired the name Mosound from the world renown name Motown symbolising sophistication of music and artist.

Join us on a melodic, lyrical and visual journey where every Sound resonates with the spirit of friendship and inspiration.

"Mo", representing African-American vernacular pronunciation of "more" -

Mosound, embodies the design of "more sound" in every conceivable definition. It symbolises the fusion of diverse perspectives of life experiences, including creative products in arts, media, fashion, interior design, stage design, graphics, filming, writing and the culinary, harmonising Sound, logical life principles with the sophistication of artistry. In the bustling streets of London, the projects thrive, a testament to the convergence of Hollywood-London professionalism and high standards.


Mosound is a philosophy, lifestyle, a celebration of artistic excellence, a collaboration of "more sound".


Eric Jay Robinsons directs film editors Theo Willitts and Archie Whiting, collaborating with Nordesigns London and also Christina Georgiou, to transform this video performance into a work of art. Eric has chosen a community of first time collaborators selected from the Camden rock scene to participate as a band in this video: Purple, Stephen Speck and Graham (Afroboy).


The website design was started by Theo Willits and completed by Reyhan Lonsdale.

The original Mosound logo, crafted by Eric, received an enhancing touch from Richard Nash.

Mosound Welcomes:

Fashion, Film, Photographers, Writers, Actors, Models, Programmers, Graphic designers, Multi-media specialists, journalists and PR





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